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Can chiropractor help herniated disc

The human spine is made up of joints connected by ligaments. Each vertebra has a small hole, or disc, under each joint that allows it to move freely. When the spine is injured or compressed, this allows the disc to bulge outward and get trapped between the vertebrae. This is known as a herniated disc. A herniated disc can cause pain in other parts of the body and may require surgery to fix it. However, your doctor can help you through that process with chiropractic care first. If you have a herniated disc, chiropractic care is an excellent way to reduce your pain and improve your mobility and physical health.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is when the outer layer of a disc ruptures and bulges out through the nearby joint. This can occur when you suffer an injury, experience back pain for no reason, or have other health problems that push on your spine. When the outer layer of the disc ruptures, it causes inflammation and a lot of pain. Like other areas of your spine, the herniated disc area can become inflamed and swollen. This can make it even more painful to move around, and it can also cause weakness and numbness in the surrounding areas. A herniated disc can be extremely painful, and it can cause other symptoms as well, like low back pain and weakness. If a herniated disc is left untreated, it can cause further injury or damage to the spinal column. You may require further treatment or surgery to correct the problem.

Chiropractic Care for a Herniated Disc

When your back is injured or becomes inflamed, your chiropractor can help you manage your pain and get back to a more normal life. A chiropractic exam is an in-depth examination of your spine to identify potential problems and determine a course of treatment. During this exam, your chiropractor will check your spine for signs of injury or inflammation. If there’s any damage that needs to be repaired, your doctor may refer you to a chiropractor who specializes in back care. Your chiropractor will then perform a series of tests to determine what’s causing your pain and how to fix it. Chiropractic care is based on the theory that your nervous system is involved in almost every function of your body, including movement. When this system is out of balance, you may experience pain or disability. The chiropractic adjustment corrects this imbalance by stimulating the nervous system and removing unwanted tension from the musculoskeletal system. This allows other parts of the body to function more normally, decreasing pain and improving mobility. A great post.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Your body is made up of interconnected systems called the “neural network.” Your chiropractor uses a series of manual techniques to stimulate the nervous system and remove tension from the muscles. The force and direction of the adjustments are carefully controlled to reduce the risk of injury and focus on the joints. This type of care is often called “manipulative” or “non-surgical” chiropractic care. The most common method to adjust your spine is “manual manipulation.” Your chiropractor will use a special instrument to pinch or crack your joints while you’re lying down. This can be very uncomfortable at first—but, after a few adjustments, you’re likely to get used to it. Other non-invasive chiropractic techniques include dry needling, ultrasound, and traction. Dry needling involves using fine needles to create microscopic injuries in your muscles. This stimulates your nervous system and releases endorphins that reduce pain. Ultrasound uses sound waves to vibrate your joints and help your body heal itself.

Which Type of Chiropractic Care is Right for You?

There are many different types of chiropractic care, including rehabilitation, wellness, and spinal adjustments. Each type of chiropractic care focuses on a different aspect of your health. If you have back pain, your doctor can recommend the right type of care for you. Spinal adjustments are the most common type of chiropractic care. They can be done as an in-office appointment, as a walk-in or same-day service, or as an in-home service. You can get the most benefit from spinal adjustments if they help you with daily tasks, like getting in and out of bed, reaching things on high shelves, or lifting heavy objects. It’s best to schedule an adjustment when you have similar pain and activity levels.


Chiropractic care is an excellent way to manage pain and improve mobility. When you have back pain, your chiropractor can help you identify the sources of pain and provide you with the best care. Your doctor can also recommend other chiropractic techniques, like dry needling, to reduce pain and promote healing. Chiropractic care can help you get back to a more normal and active lifestyle. If you have a herniated disc, it may be best to see a chiropractor first. With chiropractic care, you can reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Check this out.

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