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San Diego

San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States. Its population was 1.3 million at the 2010 census, and it is projected to grow to 1.9 million by the year 2050. Located on the Pacific Ocean coast of Southern California, San Diego is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies.

The weather is mild and sunny throughout most of the year. However, San Diego does experience a rainy season which can last from late December to mid-March. Although a few days of rain are possible, the average rainfall is less than 12 inches. During this time, the temperature is usually in the 70’s.

In terms of attractions, the city has many to offer. There are plenty of museums, parks, and other areas to explore. Visitors will also find plenty of shopping and dining options. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are a number of hiking trails that wind around marshes for miles. Depending on the terrain, hikes vary in length and difficulty.

If you want to learn more about the city, you may want to visit one of the San Diego art museums. These museums showcase the work of a variety of international artists. Some include works of renowned illustrators and writers such as Tom Everhart and Mackenzie Thorpe.

Another popular museum is the USS Midway, which is an aircraft carrier that was converted into a museum. It offers a glimpse into the naval history of the country and has plenty of interactive exhibits. Also, you will find plenty of museums and art galleries in Balboa Park.

You will also want to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, which boasts an array of interesting artifacts, special events, and self-guided tours. Finally, you should consider checking out the new Children’s Museum of San Diego. This institution has an eco-friendly design and is a fun place to take the kids.

For those interested in art, you will want to head to the Cedros Avenue Design District. This is a vibrant area with more than 80 vendors in 2.5 blocks. Shoppers can find a variety of homemade goods, trendy services, and boutiques. Other items to look for include juice bars, smoothie stands, and rare books.

You will want to check out SeaWorld San Diego, as well. The water park has more than 60 rides and is perfect for families with children. At night, SeaWorld offers aquatic-based Cirque du Soleil performances. The park is also a great spot for romantic dates.

San Diego is home to some of the best beaches in the country, as well. Many people choose to spend their weekend days at the beach. Surfing, swimming, and beach volleyball are all popular activities. Boating is a common activity, too. Those looking for something more adventurous can try ice skating.

Whether you are a traveler or a resident, San Diego is an excellent place to spend your time. With warm climates, world-class beaches, and plenty of entertainment and shopping options, there is plenty to do in this vibrant city. Learn more.

Point of Interest #1 Northgate Market, 1410 S 43rd St, San Diego, CA 92113

Point of Interest #2 Jack in the Box, 1350 S 43rd St, San Diego, CA 92113

Point of Interest #3 Humberto’s Taco Shop, 1136 S 43rd St, San Diego, CA 92113

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