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San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is home to several exciting exhibits. It is located at 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101. Gorillas have been a popular attraction at the zoo since the 1930s, and you can get up close to these primates by taking a walk through the Gorilla Tropics. You can also enjoy the Tree of Dreams and take a flight above the gorillas on the Migration Flyover Experience. Next article.

In 1932, the Zoo received $100,000 in taxes from the city. In 1933, the County Assessor tried to auction off the Zoo’s property, but the San Diego City Council intervened and declared the auction illegal. In 1933, the Zoo received the first Galapagos penguins from the wild, and the first Baird’s tapir from Ecuador arrived. In 1935, the Zoo received its first moose and a pair of Pribilof fur seals.

In addition to the aviary and the Frozen Zoo, the San Diego Zoo also has an exhibit that features a troop of vervet monkeys. The San Diego Zoo has an active partnership with the Wildlife Alliance and other conservation organizations to help protect this endangered species. Aside from these exhibits, the San Diego Zoo also participates in the Species Survival Plan, a long-term conservation effort involving the protection of threatened species.

A trip on the zoo’s tour bus is a great way to get an overview of the zoo’s layout and helps you plan your future visits. The bus can show 70% of the zoo in 35 minutes and is included in the price of admission. Tour bus riders should opt for the upper level of the bus, which provides better views and shade.

The San Diego Zoo also started a zoological propagation program to help save endangered species. The San Diego Zoo’s efforts to save the California condor, for example, helped it to return to the wild in 1989. Since then, the condor’s population has increased by more than 50 percent in the wild.

Another exciting feature of the San Diego Zoo is the zoo’s environmental ethos. They post informative facts about the zoo on their websites, and hold keeper talks throughout the day to provide in-depth information about the animals. The zoo has over 20 restaurants, and the Albert’s Café has a private waterfall view.

You can even hold a koala and take photos. However, you must be careful to keep a safe distance. Koalas may bite, and they could hurt you. The San Diego Zoo also has a spongy playground that is perfect for holding them. The bronze sculpture is also a perfect place for a photo with the koala.

The San Diego Zoo also has a variety of live exhibits. There are terrariums for frogs and amphibians as well as an exhibit dedicated to native California species. 

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